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Hi! We are an Ukrainian custom bikebags brand KAVOON

Picture of our history

Our history

The story of the brand began in 2018. Then we went on a bike tour of Europe. Of the bags, we only had a backpacks and one bikebag. The adventure with this bag started when we didn't even have time to reach the border. Either we fixed it incorrectly, or it really opened on the go and threw things away. In general, during this trip we realised we need to move in the direction of bikepacking.

Picture of brand creation

Brand creation

Then about six months passed in various searches, developments and tests. Finally, in March 2019, we made the first batch of bags. We gave this whole party to friends to collect feedback. And in summer 2019 we went on a trip to Europe for the first time with our own bags. Gradually, our business began to grow. Now we continue to implement our new ideas and the ideas of our customers.

Picture of unique design

Unique design

Special in our brand is the individual approach. Each bag we sew is a kind of request of a specific person. That is why we are custom. The client can choose the fabric, color, print or combination of colors on the bag. Also, a bag, such as a framebag, we sew purely to measure for your bike frame. Therefore, we give you a file with a description of all the necessary measurements. So we create a unique bag for everyone.

What else to read?

Delivery and payment

Payment for the order is made to the account of a private entrepreneur. Payment data is provided by our manager during communication in a convenient messenger.

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Order history. The indomitability of Ukrainians

Recently, we've sewed one more order - a kit of bags that have a long history. That kit included a bumbag for a handlebar and a framebag. Both bags are in blue-yellow Cordura colours and with embroidery strap.

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