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FuelBag 1
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We sew each bag individually. The bag can be one color, several colors or with a print.

We select the design of the bag together with you.

Choose the fabric (type and color)

Choose the print

Size of the bag
17x8 cm
  • 17x8 cm

  • 20x10 cm

  • 21,5x8 cm

  • custom


Product features

Volume: 0.5 L
Size: according to your parameters
Cordura - 90 gm
X-pac - 70-80 gm
Description: - fastened with special mount or with the rivnuts - there is a flat mesh pocket inside - the set includes an additional lacing on an elastic band - keeps the form due to plastic on a contour Great for small walks around the city or long trips. It is often used for delicacies or repair kit.


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