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Stembag "Hamster"


We sew each bag individually. The bag can be one color, several colors or with a print.

We select the design of the bag together with you.

Choose the fabric (type and color)

Choose the print

Product features

Volume: 1 L
Size: 22/9/10 cm
Cordura - 110 gm
X-pac - 95 gm
Description: - there is a flat pocket inside - fastened with two Velcro and third point of attachment - lacing - there is a carabiner for keys inside - there is a hole for moisture removal inside - there are two side mesh pockets - "one-armed" system to open and close the bag An indispensable bag for every day. It can hold any little thing from a phone / keys / power bank to a kilo of candy, dumbbells or other stash. Suitable for city trips and long trips.


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