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Seat Bag 3L


We sew each bag individually. The bag can be one color, several colors or with a print.

We select the design of the bag together with you.

Choose the fabric (type and color)

Choose the print

Product features

Volume: 3 L
Size: 11/12/30 cm
Cordura - 300 gm
X-pac - 200 gm
Description: - there is one internal space inside - fastened with straps - rubber band on the outside, as an additional place to attach things - there is a strap on the outside to attach the flashlight - decorated with reflective tape - contains a rigid framework, does not deform Thanks to the valve you can adjust the volume of the bag. Suitable for short distances (in the city, out of town), for brevets. Additionally, the bag can be attached to the mount. Advantages of the mount: fast fixing of a bag on the bicycle (in 2 movements) and the bag does not shake when riding.


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