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SeatBag5L 1
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Seat Bag 5L


We sew each bag individually. The bag can be one color, several colors or with a print.

We select the design of the bag together with you.

Choose the fabric (type and color)

Choose the print

Product features

Volume: 5 L
Size: 16/17/38 cm
Cordura - 500 gm
X-pac - 350 gm
Mount - 190 gm
Description: - there is one internal space inside - fastened with special mount and Velcro - there is a long strap over the shoulder included - decorated with reflective tape - contains a rigid framework, does not deform - weight restrictions: up to 3 kg A bag that has legends about what it can hold. You can check it out. But the best thing about it is that it doesn't sway when you ride a bike. Suitable for travel in any direction: in the city, out of town, for a few days / months.


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