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Handlebar Bag "Tube"

54 €

We sew each bag individually. The bag can be one color, several colors or with a print.

We select the design of the bag together with you.

Choose the fabric (type and color)

Choose the print

Add to the kit:

The mount to the bicycle handlebar

The mount to the bicycle handlebar

20 €

Product features

Volume: 4 L
Size: 24/21/14 cm
Cordura - 580 gm
X-pac - 420 gm
Description: - there is one internal space with flat pocket - if necessary, we can made the strip (which divides the space into two areas) - fastened with Velcro (Molle system) - there is a long strap over the shoulder included - decorated with reflective tape - we introduced the convenient Molle system, you can easily attach a flashlight / keys, etc. - we have added two side pockets Stylish, small and light. The bag is universal in its functions, because it is an assistant not only for cycling, but also for walking. This bag is suitable for any kind of bike trip: for short and long distances trips, picnics or usual rides around the city.

How to make an order?

  1. Check out the available options for fabrics, colors and prints
  2. Choose a combination of colors and prints for your bag
  3. Add the product to the shopping bag and make an order
  4. After making an order, our manager will contact you to clarify the details of the order and help you choose a method of payment and delivery
  5. During the conversation with the manager, you will be able to discuss in detail the model of your bag (chosen colors, prints, etc.)
  6. Done! If in doubt, we are here to help you

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