Order history. The indomitability of Ukrainians

Recently, we've sewed one more order - a kit of bags that have a long history. That kit included a bumbag for a handlebar and a framebag. Both bags are in blue-yellow Cordura colours and with embroidery strap.

Framepack bagBumBag

But our story starts in 2019. In the photo below, you can see a similar bumbag that is already on the bike. And this order is the same as the one we've just sewed.

Bicycle with framepack bag and bumBag

In 2019, our manufacture was just starting to work fully and we sewed many bags for our friends for testing, we also took small orders. This customer was one of the first to whom we sent a complete set of bags - a bumbag for the handlebar, a framebag and 2 "Tube" fork bags. And we sent this set to Melitopol - a city in the Zaporizhzhia region.

With the beginning of a full-scale invasion, we saw that the city had been under occupation since almost the first days of the war. And, unfortunately, today (April 2023) it is still occupied.

We practically lost contact with the client - he had to delete all social networks on his devices.

About a month ago, this man wrote to us with a request to sew a new set of identical bags. It was also supposed that the bags were in blue and yellow colours and with an embroidered strap. At this time, we found out that the client would try to leave the occupied city. As for the previous bags, he had to destroy them for security purposes.

Then we almost did not communicate with the client, because he had to download the messenger for several minutes, reply to everyone and delete it again.

Framepack bag and bumBagFramepack is being sewn

About a week and a half later, he wrote to us again. So! He finally managed to leave and reached a safe place. Therefore, we quickly got to work and sewed two such bags.

We sincerely hope for the de-occupation of the territories of Ukraine as soon as possible and we believe in the Armed Forces. We know that we will stand and win.

Glory to Ukraine!

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